What Shower Enclosure Should I Buy?


What Shower Enclosure Should I Buy?

One of the products we get asked about most in the showrooms is shower enclosures. There are a surprising number of factors to be taken into consideration before making your decision. Below you’ll find a summary of the questions we get asked, and information to help you pick the perfect shower enclosure for your bathroom…


What size shower enclosure would fit into my bathroom?

It’s important that you know the width and height of the space that your shower enclosure is being placed into. Most shower doors have variable adjustments and can be fitted to a variety of different sized spaces, but you need to have a general idea of the space you’re fitting it into.

Measuring your shower enclosure space…

Consider the total combined height of the door, tray and leg kit (if using). The most common shower door heights are 1900mm, 1950mm and 2m.

Measuring shower door space

Measuring width of shower door space.

measuring height

Measuring the combined height of the door, tray and leg kit (if using) for the shower door space.


What shape and style of enclosures are available?

There are a number of different types of shower enclosure available:

Shower Enclosure with Tray

Rectangular shower enclosure with tray

Walk In Panel

Walk in

Wet Room

Wet room









What type of glass?

The main consideration when choosing glass is the thickness. The thicker the glass, the better the quality. You can choose from 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. 8mm is the standard choice as it’s durable and long-lasting. 4mm and 6mm is a cheaper alternative, however it can shake and tends not to slide or open as efficiently.

8mm Glass

8mm Glass

4mm Glass

4mm Glass


What types of door are available?

This will all depend on what type of shower enclosure you select, but the general styles and fittings available are:

Square Enclosure


Pivot Door






Walk in (no door)

Walk in (no door)


Does the shower enclosure come with the tray?

They can be bought together or separately.

Do you need a tray leg set?

A leg set is used if a tray is being installed on a concrete floor. This is generally the case if you are fitting a shower enclosure downstairs. Upstairs, the pipe work runs along the joist meaning that a leg kit is not normally required.

Tray & Leg

Tray & Leg set

Is a tray required for a wet room?

No, wet rooms do not require a tray however special tiling is needed to ensure that the floor is entirely waterproof.


Brands such as Merlyn, Kohler and Refresh offer bespoke services and come with full fit and installation. For example, you might have an apex in the roof that requires a specialised fitting.

Other considerations…

Are spare parts readily available for my enclosure?

Yes, you can buy spare parts and seals for every shower enclosure we sell. If the product is discontinued, the brand will continue to make the spares.

What guarantees do they come with?

All our shower enclosures come with a lifetime guarantee.

For more information or to speak to one of our bathroom specialists, please contact us via our website, come and visit us in store, or call on 0844 774 6666.

Article written by Jack Hawkins - August 24, 2016